30 Basic Microsoft Word Shortcuts

30 Basic Microsoft Word Shortcuts

30 Basic Microsoft Word Shortcuts that Will Make You More Productive


Did you know that by avoiding using the mouse you can massively speed up your work? Keyboard shortcuts are a quick way to automate specific tasks that you typically do with a mouse. Shortcuts can be used in Windows, Internet Explorer or Chrome, Word, Excel and basically in most computer software, including computer assisted translation tools. 

And although keyboard shortcuts do make your life easier, not many people use them, or even know they exist. Once you learn and start using them, we guarantee you won’t want to use the mouse again!

Here are some basic Microsoft Word shortcuts that will save you tons of time:


Basic Word shortcuts


Moving around a document




Formatting Shortcuts



Other Useful Shortcuts


That’s all for now! 

We hope that you found these shortcuts useful, and stay tuned for more Word shortcuts


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