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Throughout the year, fundraising activities are held up and down the country to raise awareness and funds for a charitable organisation of choice. When supporting a local cause, or an international natural disaster, the general public always strive to donate in whatever way they can, whether that be volunteering, monetary donations, or unwanted food, toiletries and clothing.

Alongside the general public, there are a host of Non-Governmental Organisations serving to fight causes in the UK and abroad. Prime Production work with a host of NGOs within its area of expertise, such as Trade and Finance, Sustainable Development, Human Rights and Health.

Today, we are going to look a little closer at the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) and how their investment and careful strategizing is set to transform Africa.

       Light up & Power Africa

Access to energy is not only crucial for health and education but is one of the key drivers for job creation, further economic opportunities, as well as personal growth.

Despite having an enormous energy potential, only a fraction is employed in Africa. AfDB are therefore looking to empower and support African governments in strengthening energy policies, regulations and governance, all the while minimising fossil fuel emissions through state-of-the-art technology.

     Feed and Industrialise Africa

Despite access to food being a fundamental human right, Africa remains the most vulnerable, inhabiting approximately 232 million under-nourished individuals.  

Food insecurity is common within communities who       have fragile economies, poor agriculture infrastructures and governance. AfDB is thus looking to foster policies and projects to transform Africa’s agricultural production and to drive the industrialisation of the continent, in an effort to add value to Africa. In turn, this will create job opportunities, add value to domestic products and create a commercial balance, that was once being drained away through the importing and exporting of raw commodities.


   Integrate Africa

As a result of weak economic opportunities, there is limited integration of services, which is critical to the expansion of markets. Through investments, developments of infrastructures and improved policies, AfDB is seeking to foster financial stability and integrated financial markets, in an effort to scale up trade, lift barriers and promote movement of people which will contribute to productivity and economic activity.

    Improve the Quality of Life for the People of  Africa

Africa continues to be defined by poverty and inequality, as a result of insufficient access to safe drinking water, as well as low education outcomes.

Through investment in infrastructures, citizens will have improved access to basic services and sanitation, which will encourage human potential.

AfDB are also looking to emphasise job creation through flagship programs in agriculture, industrialisation and ICT. By having employment schemes, they hope to encourage youth to invest their time and energy in the industrialisation of Africa.


Prime Production is a one-stop language service provider, based in the UK and Asia. From translation to interpretation, we provide a high-quality and efficient service across our areas of specialisation, including Health, Human Rights, Sustainable Development, as well as Trade and Finance.

Working with NGO’s around the world, Prime Production is well versed in delivering high quality work in different time zones. Committed to personal development, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of our potential, giving our clients the confidence that they will receive a high-quality product at their given deadline.  

We have created a great future for our business and our staff. What can we do for you?



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