Barcelona Resilience Week

Barcelona Resilience Week

11 – 16 November 2018

This week, Barcelona is the centre of global discussions on resilience. With over 70 countries coming together to advance awareness, knowledge and action on resilience, we can expect to hear from governments, NGOs, development actors, civil society groups and academia on the latest resilience building initiatives, and how we can collectively scale up action.

Through the exchange of experience and good practice, the objective is to address global urban challenges and work towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.


Monday 12 November


Sala Sant Pau 1

Resilience Dialogue:

Upgrading from Informality towards Resilience

When cities face sudden shocks (natural or human-made), unplanned urban areas are hit the hardest as they often suffer from underlying or pre-existing stresses and there is a shortage of knowledge about the area or how to respond. In cities with high informality, local capacity and resources may not be sufficient to prepare for and react to risk.

Tuesday 13 November

13:00 – 13:30

East Agora, Fira de Gran VIa
Building Stronger and Resilient Communities: Block by Block project

The Block by Block project is the work of UN-Habitat together with the makers of the hugely popular world-building computer game, Minecraft, Mojang. Since 2012, they have used the game to engage communities all over the world – particularly young people, women and slum dwellers – in the design of their local public spaces, and have now reached more than 25 countries.

Wednesday 14 November

13:00 – 14:00

East Agora, Fira de Gran Via

Presentation of Guidelines on Resilient Reconstruction Housing

Governments, development and built environment stakeholders have increased knowledge to plan and operationalise technical assistance for housing reconstruction to meet the needs of communities affected by disasters and to foster sustainable improvements in housing construction.

Thursday 15 November

10:30 – 11:30

Espai Endesa

Resilience Dialogue: Innovative Partnerships for Sustainable and Resilient Cities 

The 2030 Agenda acknowledges the invaluable contribution of partnership in achieving its vision and mission. This dialogue will consider how partners from different sectors and at different scales can and have come together to build sustainable and resilient cities. After the dialogue, there will be a visit to the Control and electrical network management centre.

Head to Twitter and search @UResilienceHUB and #BRW18 to keep up to date with Barcelona Resilience Week.

Our survival depends on our environment. With rapid population growth, expansion of cities and an ever-increasing consumption of natural resources, sustainability is the principle on which communities depend.

Prime Production Ltd works with key strategists in delivering the message of global sustainable development, and is proud to support them in the development of resilient cities.

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