Interpreting in a Pandemic

Prime Production - Interpreting in a pandemic

Travel across the globe has been hugely affected due to Covid-19 with may travel bans and boarders closed across the world.

We realise that travel is key to many of our clients, with the need for interpreters and translators to come from across the globe to attend meetings and seminars which unfortunately, with the current Pandemic, is just not possible to continue.

In response to the travel ban across the Globe, Prime Production have been working with companies to provide Remote Virtual Conference Interpreting for organisations who are looking for an alternative for face to face meetings, webinars, business meetings and conferences. Using a cloud-based platform that allows interpreters and clients to work securely at anytime from anywhere and in all needed languages, means we can provide language support without breaking your budget.

From major international conferences to small private meetings, we have the interpreting service to suit your needs anywhere in the world. Since 2010, Prime Production has been regularly providing simultaneous, consecutive and whispering interpreting, and equipment services to the United Nations during General Assembly week, at side events and many of their Sustainable Development Goals conferences. These conferences are mainly for Heads of State, Diplomats and Stakeholders. We also provide identical services for UN agencies at locations across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, and for clients holding their Board and Annual meetings across all continents. Providing interpreting services can be a complex process, but with working with our clients Prime has helped provide a simple and cost effective solution to allow our clients to still receive the high quality service we provide, but by moving to an online platform.

We pride ourselves in taking care of all the logistical and technical details:

• We provide a comprehensive briefing on event context and protocol for interpreters and other staff
• A conference coordinator is assigned to support you before and during your event
• We provide an on-site technical team dealing with booth facilities, headsets and microphones
• All our interpreters are thoroughly vetted, and our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

International Translation Day

Suitable for conferences, major events and business meetings where several languages are required. Teams of interpreters work from booths. Their speech is relayed to delegates via headphones

Interpreters take notes while participants are talking and translate immediately after. Ideal for smaller groups.

Business and Community Interpreting
Face-to-face or by telephone, our skilled interpreters can help in every situation. With experience in industry, government and education, our team will meet your business needs. Our community interpreters have a wealth of expertise gained by working with:

• police and law courts
• social services
• immigration authorities
• individuals with physical and mental health difficulties

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