National Writing Day

Prime Production Ltd - National Writing Day

To celebrate #NationalWritingDay we wanted to share a letter found on the Unicef’s website that really moved us:

“I wish that my home country will be safe again.”
a 10-year-old boy from Syria, now living in Germany

“It has been two and a half years since I left my beloved country Syria. I stayed with my mother and three of my sisters in Turkey, whereas my father has headed with my elder sisters and my brother to Germany through the journey of death crossing the sea. I suffered under a lot of fear and worry, I was afraid that they will drown in the sea like many other Syrians, but my father promised me that he will stay alive, that he will reach the other side and that he will see me again. And I did see him again; after a few months and a very hard trip, we were able to follow them. 

We arrived in Germany on October 17, 2015. We were able to get together in one house with my father, brother and sisters after one month of our arrival. I was really happy that we were able to be together again. We applied to the German schools and started going to school and here our suffering with the new language started. I tried my best to get over this obstacle as fast as I could, and in a short period of time I was able to learn the basics of the language, which helped me in getting to know new friends, and the new society and culture that I now live in. Our teachers were really nice to us and they have helped us to get over a lot of obstacles, which we ran into every day. 

Here in Germany, I have been through many experiences with my new friends. I have learned about different cultures because Germany has so many nationalities, this is fun for me. I have seen many German cities and learned closely about their culture. I am happy in this new country, but I could not forget about my home country Syria during these past two years. I miss my friends, my teachers, my toys and even my photos, which I could not bring with me. It hurts knowing that I left the place in which I grew up and I had so many memories in with my grandfather, grandmother, my relatives and my friends. In my home country, everything was simple but beautiful and warm. 

Here in Germany, we are offered the best educational chances, however, I am still a refugee and this word hurts me. It causes me a wound that reminds me of my bigger scar –  Syria – in which up until this moment, children’s body parts are falling under the ruins of buildings. I wish that my home country will be safe again and that war would stop forever. I also hope to be able to visit it again to see my friends, my teachers and my relatives.”

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