UN International Day of Charity

Prime Production - International Day of Charity

Every year, September 5th holds the observation of the UN International Day of Charity. The aim of this holiday is to gain greater attention, increase global solidarity and social responsibility and organize events to benefit charitable and humanitarian efforts across our planet.

The date, September 5th, was selected as it commemorates the anniversary of the passing of Mother Theresa, who selflessly dedicated her life to helping those afflicted by poverty and the suffering it brings.
The International Day of Charity is of great importance, particularly as the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, highlighted that in order to achieve global sustainable development, eradicating poverty is not only the greatest threat but also a key prerequisite. The Agenda also calls for global solidarity in the plight to help our poorest and most vulnerable overcome the dire situations.

Through a collective effort of governmental, organizational and individual efforts, we can overcome global poverty. Every year, The UN invites all of its member states alongside companies, organizations and individuals to recognize and celebrate this day through any activities related to charitable efforts. These can be carried out through educational programmers, charitable donations or even simply raising awareness for this global issue in order to highlight how critical it is.

As individuals, we can check with our preferred charities to see if they are holding any local events that we can partake in, or even organize one ourselves. Within our workplaces, we can hold charitable cake sales with all proceeds going to a dedicated organization to tackle this issue or even a charitable fun run, to not only raise money but also get people involved and inspire the fight against poverty.

Prime Production provides translation, interpreting and desk-top publishing services for UN agencies, international organisations and NGOs for more than 10 years. Prime is proud to support organisations in delivering the message of global sustainable development.

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