World Aids Day

First observed in 1988, the commemoration for World AIDS Day continues today, with individuals around the world uniting in the fight against HIV, showing support for those living with HIV, and paying tribute to those have passed away from an AIDS-related illness.


An estimated 36.7 million people live with the virus today, with just over 101,000 people being UK residents. HIV/Aids have taken the lives of more than 35 million people and will continue to take more if we do not take global action. The need for funds, education and awareness remains, as does the prejudice surrounding the illness.

ENDAIDS2030 FESTIVAL.                       

In celebration of World Aids Day’s 30thAnniversary, STOPAIDS will be hosting ENDAIDS2030 festival to raise awareness and to build momentum in the fight to #ENDAIDS by 2030.
Bringing together organisations and individuals from international and domestic HIV sectors, there will be a number of events and activities over the course of the week, such as free, confidential HIV testing and a special Beat AIDS music eventbeing held in London on World AIDS Day.


Whether you want to raise awareness in the workplace or organise a fundraiser within your local community, there are many ways to show solidarity for the millions of individuals living with HIV.

  • Donate £1 and wear a HIV awareness ribbon
  • Share online resources with friends, relatives and colleagues.
  • Organise a ‘red’ bake sale and bring along home-made treats such as Red Velvet cake, Victoria Sponge and Strawberry Tarts
  • Wear red clothing in school or the workplace
  • Order a free pack of 100 ribbons to fundraise for the National AIDS Trust
  • Become an activist or volunteer

Fundraising not only helps fund educational projects, but it also serves as a reminder to the government and the general public that action needs to be taken. This year, let’s end the stigma and inequalities faced by people living with the illness, and accelerate the momentum in the fight against HIV/Aids.


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