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Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing

Our experienced Desktop Publishing team can help you to produce your perfect document. We handle every aspect of design, along with formatting, typesetting and layout. Thanks to our proven experience in the field, working on many of the United Nation’s flagship annual publications, as well as NGO and corporate annual reports, you can be confident that we will provide a solution on time and on budget.

Document Design

Do you already have a design in mind? We will work to the specifications that you provide. Never published a document before? Our team provides creative expertise and advice. We can supply a range of options enabling you to select the design best suited to your needs.

The team ensure the style and formatting of text is consistent and coherent in terms of font, body and heading style, as well as the client’s style manual, if available. This includes other formatting facets such as footnotes and hyphenation. Language codes are corrected to the applicable variant: for example, dashes and quotation marks are consistent. Graphics and tables are re-sized so they illustrate points in the text. If the document contains a large amount of data, the format in which it is presented is crucial; our team provide numerous templates to not only advise how the data could be represented, but also to give you the opportunity to decide how you would like the data to be accessed by your audience. This may for example, be presenting the data in radar/spider charts and bar charts rather than the traditional tables and line graphs, constant repetition of which over many pages can lose the attention of the reader. If the organisation has an existing colour palette, this is adhered to, or we can suggest a more contemporary look, ensuring that all pages, whether they are composed of narrative, contribution boxes, tables or graphics, flow logically.

Care must be taken to ensure information is not repetitive and each new section of a report introduces new ideas. Should the text read as horizontal paragraphs or columns? Does the introduction of bold and numbered sections of the report add to its clarity? How should each sub-chapter or section be broken down? The liaison with our design team allows differing viewpoints to be put forward to ensure a client’s key messages are remembered, not forgotten.

Typesetting and Layout

If translating a document for you, be it a corporate annual report or factsheet, we provide a web and print ready solution ready for distribution. Using the source language design files, our Desktop Publishing team typeset the translation, bearing in mind issues such as some languages being longer when translated than the source language, the placement of pull-out quotes in the correct position, or even checking that ISBN numbers correspond to the correct language, amongst many others.

Prior to delivery, our native linguists carry out a post DTP check ensuring any extra spaces between words, missed commas or full stops are eliminated, as well as, for example, ensuring that links within the document lead to the correct content.

If the source design files are no longer available, these can be recreated allowing future changes to be incorporated in a seamless manner.

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