Making your Business Multilingual

Multilingual Business

Translating your website can bring around multiple benefits, from having your product or service reaching new audiences, to boosting revenue to an increase in international business opportunities.

But with hundreds of languages, it can be difficult to know which languages are right for your product or service.
As a language service provider, we make it our business to not only know everything there is to know about the language industry, but to be able to inform and advise our clients on their translation projects.
Connected to a network of linguistic expertise around the world, we provide services in over 100 languages, from small scale projects with two or three languages, to large scale assignments requiring the translation of 25 languages.
No matter how unique the request, we have the knowledge and the expertise that will ensure your product or service will be well received and understood by your target audience.

Research and Analysis

The main questions to ask when making your business multi-lingual are, Who is your customer? Where do they live? Who is your target market? Are they visiting your website, or competitors’ websites? Are they browsing or buying products? Analysing website traffic, identifying your target markets, and conducting competitor analysis will create a clear image of the market, as well as your customer potential. In addition, gathering solid data on your demographic will help you to identify where your customers are based, and which languages they speak.

Language Selection

If your product or service has global market potential, then you might need your website to be translated into multiple languages. Alternatively, if your product has a niche market, one particular dialect might be the right path for you. Even though the six official languages of the United Nations are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, it is important to tailor your language selection to your customers and target markets, whether your target market speaks an official United Nations language or not.
Start out by selecting a country, followed by the language and dialect. Next, when you approach a language service provider about your project, clearly state your language combinations and any specific dialects, as this could affect which linguists are assigned to your project.
For example, French is spoken around the world, in places such Quebec, West Africa, Paris and Brussels, meaning there are various dialects, as well as differences in pronunciation, slang, culture and traditions. Likewise, Spanish is spoken worldwide, with approximately 53 million individuals in the United States speaking the language. From International Spanish to Latin American, you need to request the correct form Spanish in order to reach your target correct market. This is similar to Mandarin Chinese which is not only one of the most spoken languages in the world, but it is a language with different dialects, from Mandarin, to Cantonese, to regional dialects such as Simple Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Design and Localisation

Did you know, when English is translated into another European language, it requires around 30% more space on the page? Likewise, with Arabic and Hebrew, which are both read from left to right. Whilst translation does not require alteration to a design, your website or report may need to accommodate additional space in order to adapt to your chosen language(s).
Next, whilst you may have only considered the translation of key materials, it might be worth thinking about website localisation, whereby linguists will advise on changes that could help your web content to better resonate with your target audience, whether that be a change to the colour scheme, or changes to imagery and graphics in order to accommodate cultural differences.
Finally, it is worthwhile noting that rarer languages do not necessarily cost more to translate, but if your product or service has the potential to achieve global market success in unfamiliar territory, it will be a worthwhile move for your brand.

Prime Production Ltd is a one-stop language service provider based in the United Kingdom and Asia. Our Translating, Interpreting and Desktop Publishing services are available 24/7, 365 days a year for a diverse range of international clients. We are the best translating agency in the UK.
We work with the United Nations and its many affiliated programmes, funds, and specialised agencies from their Headquarters in New York, as well as through their regional hubs and sub-offices across the globe.

If you are ready to expand your business outreach, head over to our website to discover more about our services, specialisations and to see which languages we offer, or contact us directly to discuss your project and potential language options.

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