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Website Localisation

Website Localisation

Reaching your target audience is crucial to get across your key messages. Whether it’s the complete content of your website, daily blogs or news stories, Prime Production has extensive experience in carrying out the localisation of text.

For the localisation of a website in its entirety, we routinely use Content Management Software (CMS) applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Acquia, Typo3 and many others. CMS is a group of tools and applications that allow you to create, modify and publish digital content online.
Our linguists can plug in to a client’s system ensuring it is web-ready once it has been approved, or we can work from templates provided by the client, or even provide a translation in a more traditional format such as Word for clients to upload themselves. Sites vary in technicality, content and volume but our experience in project managing such assignments, coupled with our linguists’ expertise in the tone and terminology required by our clients, ensures that readers across the globe are always able to access your organisation’s historical and up-to-date content across the board.

We translate general content on a daily basis, primarily for NGOs and IGOs, in many cases as rush requests. This is particularly pertinent for organisations with a large following that require their news and events stories to be updated on a frequent basis to keep readers up to date with their current activities.

Examples of such work include UN specialised agencies that have online editorial series and in focus sections on their websites, organisations that produce many press releases on a day to day basis, or organisations that articulate the results of forums and meetings during conferences in different languages, making these results available across a continent or worldwide.

As with all written translation, material is translated faithfully and subject to our robust quality assurance procedures. We can also advise you on how the layout of content should appear in different countries through our locally based design teams and linguists.

We work with a diverse range of clients in this area, so whether you’re a global think tank or a non-profit organisation, we can provide expedient and cost-effective solutions for your needs.

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