The evolving of Technology and Translation.

Translation and technology

Translation has evolved over the decades, in parallel with the rise of international trade, multilingualism and migration. With technology playing a key role in business in the 21st century, moving off the grid to online has sparked a global need for language services.

Today, the range of topics that a linguist must deal is increasingly more diverse, meaning linguists must change how they once tackled translation, stay up to date with new vocabulary and global affairs to continue an efficient workflow, all the while tacking technological innovation.

Collaborating with a language service provider is not just an investment in a high-quality translation, but an opportunity to push your service or product into the global market. With linguistic expertise who have knowledge and experience in website localisation, you could see your business take on a new lease life.

Does 21st Century Technology Help or Hinder Translation?
In today’s climate, linguists need to be tech-savvy. Whether it’s using CAT tools or partaking in video conferences, knowing how to work anything from Microsoft Office, to WeTransfer to Skype is a key characteristic for a linguist in the 21st century.

With a host of technology designed to help carry out translation, like Google Translate, accuracy is not guaranteed. Whilst it is helpful for looking up the translation of a single word, it should not be used as the sole resource for high-quality translation. So, although it is free, it can be costly in terms of time and money, especially if you are looking to translate and distribute key information about your product, service or brand.

Conversely, CAT tools can improve levels of reliability, speed and consistency when it comes to translation projects. With Trados taking over the industry, it is difficult to find a linguist who do not use some form of translation memory or CAT tool to assist them with assignments. With a catalogue of previous translations saved within the memory, linguists are able to consult and check previous translations against current projects in an effort to not only provide a high-quality product, but factual, accurate and reliable information.

With that being said, CAT tools will only continue to increase levels of productivity if they grow with their user. By updating their hard drive, technology can continue to provide linguists with reliable information and accurate linguistic structures, making evolution a key part of the translation-technology relationship.

Other technological tools, like Grammarly, serve as an online proofreading tool. They act as a second pair of eyes to a piece of writing before submission, but are they more effective than a human proof-reader?

Professional language service providers will have all text revised by a senior linguist, to ensure clients receive high-quality products, ready for distribution. Although proofreading technology may have evolved, and whilst it may assist linguists in the initial stage of a project, it is always worthwhile having text proofread by an experienced linguist, who specialises in that particular field.

Technology continues to evolve, with audio software set to improve the transcription and translation of audio files, and video software looking to transform face-to-face Interpreting. In response to the travel ban across the Globe, Prime Production have been working with companies to provide Remote Virtual Conference Interpreting for organisations who are looking for an alternative for face to face meetings, webinars, business meetings and conferences. Using a cloud-based platform that allows interpreters and clients to work securely at anytime from anywhere and in all needed languages, means we can provide language support without breaking your budget.

Prime Production is a one-stop language provider based in the UK and Asia. From translation to interpreting to website localisation, we have the expertise and experience to elevate and push your business into global territories.

Specialising in areas such as Sustainable Development, Gender Equality, Human Rights, as well as Trade and Finance, our network of linguistic expertise are able to offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, which is showcased in a high-quality and efficient service.

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