Climate Change

Climate Change – Sustainable Development

The planet is not the only one suffering the impact of Climate Change. Over the years, many studies have confirmed the impact it has in other species such as polar bears, and now, we are on what has been called a ‘public health emergency’.

The effects of climate change in humans are clear – spread of infectious diseases, uneven crop yields and longer allergy seasons are just some of the most common ones.

What’s the main cause?

The rise in temperature is the main cause of crop yield going to waste due to lack of water affecting directly the country’s economy. Extreme heath has also an impact on the working sector as the workers are unable to do the harvest or work on the farms.

In the most vulnerable countries, hunger and malnourishment is worsening and, all over the world, typhoons and hurricanes feed off warm waters that threatens our health and life even more.

                                                                                   ‘What we stand for is what we stand on’

This short and clear message is one of the most used on protests against climate change all over the world.


In London, climate protests were recently held in Marble Arch which lasted for days resulting into a blockade in the city center drawing attention to the reality that ‘there is no planet B’ and actions must be taken now.


How Can we help?

Despite the huge challenge, here are some practical steps we can take to help avoid climate breakdown:

  • Avoid meat and dairy products
  • Insulate lofts and draft-proofing doors and windows
  • Switch to renewable energy wherever possible
  • Walk, cycle  or take public transport where possible
  • Reduce, recycle and reuse

Prime Production is a clear supporter of sustainable development and we are proud to have clients that stand for the same principles as we do.

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is an independent think tank championing sustainable solutions to 21st century problems, with the mission to promote human development and environmental sustainability.

We have faith in the future and we bid for a better one. Join our fight!


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