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Prime Production Ltd- Interpreting Services


Prime Production Ltd – Interpretation Services

Interpreting is to accurately convey the meaning of a thought or an idea, given in the source language of the speaker, to the target audience into the target language.

Whilst Community Interpreters facilitate dialogue between individuals regarding education, immigration or an accident through telephone or face-to-face interpreting,
Conference Interpreters facilitate cultural exchanges and the development of international trade between individuals, groups or Heads of State at international summits, professional seminars and high-level meetings through different formats of interpretation.


How is Interpreting Different to Translation?

Whilst Interpreting and Translation share the same principle, there are distinct differences between the two professions.

Interpretation is spoken, while translation is written.

The original speaker’s ideas must be verbally transmitted, with a particular focus on rhythms, intonations, rhetorical devices and gestures, whereas Translators will focus solely on readability, as well as the accuracy of the given facts and information.

A Translator will have time to carry out research, and make use of reference materials available, to ensure their translation is a high-quality, accurate piece of text. However, an Interpreter can only prepare before an assignment, meaning they must be ready to receive, understand and reconstruct information in real-time, at extreme speed.

Translators can typically translate 2000-3000 words per day, whilst Interpreters must keep up with around 150 words per minute.

In translation, there is always a gap between the time the author wrote the text, and the time the readers receive the text. Interpretation is almost always immediate, meaning Interpreters must respond in real-time and complete their assignment on the same day.

What are the Different Types of Interpreting?

When booking an Interpreter, it is important that you first understand the different types of interpreting in order to identify which type would be most suitable for your meeting or event.


The Interpreter will sit in a soundproof room, conveying the message in the target language, as the participant speaks. This type of interpreting is suitable for conferences, major events and business meetings where several languages are required. Notably, this type of interpreting requires high levels of concentration, therefore it is necessary to have several Interpreters, allowing them to swap and break.

Prime Production Ltd - Interpreting Services

Prime Production  provided simultaneous interpretation, in a roundtable format.
Photos taken at side event at the 73rd Session General Assembly, New York.



The Interpreter will take notes while participants are talking, with the verbal translation being provided shortly after to the target audience, rather than in real time. This type of interpreting is suitable for speeches, addresses and negotiations.


The Interpreter will sit next to the person who does not understand the source language, and will whisper the message in the target language, at the same time as the speaker. This can lead to unavoidable disturbances. This type of interpreting is suitable for very small groups, tours or meetings.

Face-to-Face and Telephone

Community Interpreters liaise between social services, police and law courts, immigration authorities, education authorities and their clients to facilitate dialogue and resolve any issues relating to accidents, housing accommodation or education.

When requesting an interpreter, it is also worth advising the vendor of the layout of the room, the number of participants, and whether equipment, such as hand-held microphones and headsets, will be required at your meeting or event.


Prime Production Ltd- Interpreting Services


Prime Production Ltd provides Conference and Community Interpreters, in a wide range of languages, to organisations at a local, national and international level, at meetings between delegates, business meetings on Skype, and telephone calls between social workers and their clients.

Should you require an Interpreter for your next meeting or event, do not hesitate to contact Prime Production Ltd at to discuss your requirements in further detail.

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