How to Gain a High-Quality Translation

Prime Production Ltd - How to Get a High Quality Translation

How to Gain a High-Quality Translation

When you think of a high-quality translation, you may think of text that accurately renders the meaning of the source text, with excellent readability and accurate information. For a Translation Company, they will think of the same, as well as clear instructions from the Vendor, a feasible deadline paired with translators who have specialist knowledge in the relevant subject area.
If you are about to send off a document for translation for the first time, here are some tips on how you can help to produce a high-quality translation.

When Approaching Different Vendors

Share the Document with the Vendor

Providing the entire document for translation will allow the Vendor to get an accurate word count, and to identify the subject matter. This will not only give them the opportunity to approach suitable translators with relevant expertise for this project, but it will also give them an idea of how long the document will take to translate, and whether the deadline is feasible.

Uneditable Images

An uneditable image may be an infographic or a chart which contains text in the source language that cannot be changed into the target language, because it is not the original, editable version.

Giving clear instructions on what should be done with uneditable images will inform the Vendor whether they should include the additional words within the total word count.

Should they require translation, make sure to advise the Vendor what should be done with the additional text, for example, whether the text should be inserted in a bilingual table, which would allow a design team to replicate the uneditable images in the target language, or whether the additional text should be inserted as comments in the margin of the document.

Once You Have Selected Your Vendor

Send the Finalised Version of the File

Once you have selected your Vendor, send the final version of the documents on accordingly, so translators have enough time to carry out the translation and deliver it on time. 

For large projects, it is worth asking your Vendor for sections or chapters to be delivered on a rolling basis. This will give you the opportunity to review the translation and respond to any queries raised, specifically those relating to terminology.

 Should you send your translation on the same day as the deadline, the Vendor may advise that the project requires an extension, or you may receive a rush translation, which may incur a rush fee.

Target Audience

With regards to the target audience, provide your Vendor with clear instructions. Even though you may have addressed the language combination, it is worth confirming who the readers will be, as this will ensure the translators tailor the translation towards your target audience. For example, should you require a translation from English to Spanish, it is important to state whether the document is for an International Spanish or Latin American audience.

Over the Course of the Translation Project

Project Manager

Make sure you are available to contact via email or telephone so the Project Manager can you keep you informed on the progress of the translation project. Equally, if the translator raises a query related to information within the source document, they will need clear feedback. It is therefore important to be responsive, otherwise linguists may be forced to make important decisions, to the best of their judgement, in order to not affect the deadline.


Be willing to listen to your translator’s questions and comments. With a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge, they will pick up on any inaccuracies in information, grammar or spelling, therefore it is always worth considering any feedback raised by the linguists.

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