International Translation Day

International Translation Day

International Translation Day is celebrated on 30th September to pay tribute to the work of language professionals, who play a key role in bringing nations together, providing access to languages across the globe which in turn helps the development and strengthening of world peace and security.

The transposition of words, from one language into another language, including professional translation, interpretation and terminology, is indispensable to preserving clarity, a positive climate and productiveness in international public discourse and interpersonal communication.

The translation process has improved considerably since St Jerome’s days; translation agencies act as middle men between the client and translators, while the latter is now able to use technology to aid them in the process; for instance, CAT (Computer-assisted translation) software is widely used, and includes terminology, spell-checking and translation memory tools. The use of this machine translation assistance, ensures the continuation of high quality translations provided by agency’s across the globe.

This year more than ever Translators, terminologists and interpreters have provided crucial services both on the front line and behind the news in crisis situations, especially with the world wide pandemic that has been the main focus of the world news stories in 2020. Interpreters especially have had to adapt their working conditions switching from face-to-face to online meetings via platforms such as skype and zoom to abide to new social distance rules.

Thus, on 30 September, the General Assembly will highlight and celebrate the role of language professionals in connecting nations and fostering peace, understanding and development across the globe.

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