Social Justice Day

Prime Production - Social Justice Day

International Social Justice Day, also known as World Day of Social Justice, is celebrated annually on February 20th. This day was established by the United Nations to promote social justice and address issues such as poverty, unemployment, gender inequality, and social exclusion.

The theme for International Social Justice Day changes every year, but it always emphasizes the importance of promoting and achieving social justice for all. Some key issues that the day seeks to address include income inequality, access to education, healthcare, and social services, and eliminating discrimination based on race, gender, religion, and other factors.

Overall, the day is an important reminder that we all have a responsibility to work towards a more just and equitable world and that we can all play a role in promoting social justice and fighting against inequality and injustice.

Prime Production provides interpreting and translation to key strategists, such as UN Environment and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to deliver key messages on social justice, sustainable development, the eradication of poverty and the reduction of inequalities

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